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Clothes Make The Man!

Clothes Make The Man!

Clothing is the textile material worn on the body. It started as early as the stone ages. People of early times find it necessary to put on clothing mainly for protection against the environment. Clothing continues to improve as the years passes by. Now, clothing is used not just for protection but for fashion as well. It is been used to look good. When the wearer looks good, he feels good. It gives him a degree of confidence. Clothes make the man!

Textiles or cloth is made of flexible materials consisting of natural or synthetic fibers. It is classified according to its component fibers into silk, coconut, aloe vera, guava, mangosteen, pineapple, strawberry, cotton, wool, rayon, nylon, also metals like silver, copper, gold, aluminum, steel, titanium, and much more.

Since then, clothing continues to improve. There are various types, uses, designs of clothing. Clothing is influenced by the environment more particularly, on its climate. Warm countries tend to have shorter and thin-layered clothing. On the other hand, cold countries tend to have thicker clothing. Situated in the continent of Europe, Iceland, from its name itself is a cold country. Clothing is usually thick to fight against the cold temperature. Meanwhile situated on the continent of North America and is surrounded by vast deserts, Mexico, is undeniably a hot country.

Clothes are decorations, from our feet to our head, clothing is applicable. Head clothing examples are swimmer cap, Islam’s hijab, working cap-net, floral headband cloth, sports headwear, etc. Upper clothing examples are t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves, jacket, polo shirts, polo, sweater, sleeveless, etc. Lower clothing example includes shorts, trunks, underwear, pants, yoga pants, skinny jeans, short skirts, etc. All of these have a variety of designs to please everybody’s taste.

A man is someone who is confident. He should look and feel good because when you look good, you feel good. Clothing can really help you look good. Good clothing taste adds up to physical beauty. The clothes add up to the color and beauty of one’s looks. Unique styles catch people’s attention. A good combination of designs may imply good fashion. Clothing is basically a style. Confidence brings out the man in you! Being confident gives us the aura of being cool. Having a good look add up a certain amount of confidence, hence, good clothing is confidence. Thus, Clothes make the man!

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