Male Celeb Fashion | Hair Color Tips for Vibrant and Healthy Hair All Year Long
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Hair Color Tips for Vibrant and Healthy Hair All Year Long

Hair Color Tips for Vibrant and Healthy Hair All Year Long

Whether you color your hair at home or have it done by a professional hair stylist, you can take steps to extend the life of your hair color and keep it looking fresh. Anytime you put chemicals on your hair, such as hair color, your hair will require some extra T.L.C. to keep it from getting too dry and to keep it from thinning. Here are hair color tips for vibrant and healthy hair all year long that you should consider.

Cover Your Head Under the Sun

Just like you should protect your skin under the sun, you should also protect your color-treated hair. Exposure to the sun can dry out your hair and fade your hair color. But it’s easy to protect your hair with a fashionable hat. There are lots of varieties hats on the market that not only look good but also protect your hair. Applying vitamin-E oil to your hair before you head out under the sun is advised as well.

Use a Shampoo and a Conditioner Designed for Color-Treated Hair

Maintaining your hair color should include a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. It should be designed for hair that is colored, but it should not be harsh or harmful to your hair. Also, with color-treated hair, you should not shampoo every day. Shampoo no more than three days a week and be sure to use conditioner. Substitute conditioner for shampoo whenever you can.

Wear a Swim Cap in Chlorinated Pools

Are you a swimmer? Do you enjoy a dip in the pool? Chlorine is a normal part of a pool, particularly a public pool, but it can do damage not only to your skin but also your hair. Cover your hair with a bathing cap when you take a swim in a chlorinated pool. It will protect your hair from the harmful chemical known as chlorine.

Use a Glossing Treatment for Shine

In addition to shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair, include a glossing treatment that will encourage shine and vitality. The best of these products are professional products found from your hair stylist or a professional beauty stores.


Avoid Hot Styling Tools

You’ve got color-treated hair, and therefore, it is not a good idea to use hot styling tools on a regular basis. Because of their nature, they are bound to dry your hair out from overuse. Let your color-treated hair air-dry and find alternative ways to curl your hair, such as flexible rollers that are not made of foam.

Avoid Products that are Drying

There are a multitude of hair products out there, but some of them should be avoided when you have color-treated hair. Products that contain sulfates, parabens and alcohol, for examples, are some of the worst ingredients you can use on color-treated hair. Avoid them.

Taking great care of your colored hair does call for a bit of effort and awareness. However, it’s worth it to keep your locks looking radiant, shiny and true-to-color with Three Squares Soil until it’s time for a touch-up.

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