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How Much Does Gold Chain Repair Cost

How Much Does Gold Chain Repair Cost

Gold is a soft metal, and this means that gold chains can be rather delicate and soft. If you have a gold chain and it has snapped or some of the links have become dented, then don’t panic. It is usually possible to get the chain repaired relatively easily. Gold chain repair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Often, you can get a chain repaired quickly if you still have all the links – a skilled craftsman can reshape a link so that the chain fits back together properly. If one of the links is missing, then you can either have the chain shortened, or in many cases have a spare link fitted, or a replacement made. Most chains have similar designs so this is easy to do.

Finer, smaller links are harder to replace than the more chunky ones that are common on costume jewelry, and they’re more likely to tangle and knot. Anything can be worked with, though.

Jewelers specialise in resizing rings, tightening stones and repairing chains, and they have tools that the average homeowner doesn’t have. This means that they can do a far better job when it comes to making sure that all the links look good and that the chain fits properly and sits well. You might be tempted to try to fix a chain yourself using pliers and a screwdriver to hold the shape of the link, but don’t do this – if you squeeze too hard the link could become kinked, or even snap, and once a link has snapped completely it is far harder to work with.

Try to store your necklaces hanging up, so that they don’t become tangled. Don’t wear them when you will be doing physical activity, because this increases the risk that they may catch on something and break. Be mindful of where you keep your chains, and make sure that you always keep them clean, because a chain that is clogged with dirt is far more likely to break than one that is clean and can move freely.

Remember that it will be far less expensive jewelry repair near me and a gold chain than it would be to replace the chain entirely, so patch up your old chains and keep on wearing them and the pendants that go with them for special occasions, or just for fun, for many years to come.

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