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Key Reasons To Exfoliate

Key Reasons To Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a popular buzzword among beauty and skincare experts, but not everyone understands exactly what it is and why it is important. Most folks realize that cleaning, moisturizing and protecting the skin from harmful sun damage is crucial, but there is another step that is indispensable to a youthful glow.

In essence, to exfoliate the skin is to remove dead cells from its surface. This is sometimes done with an abrasive cleansing beauty product or with a mechanical tool. Special sorts of acids can also prove helpful in eliminating dead skills without the need for harsh scrubbing motions.

Dead Skin Cells

As is the case with a whole host of bodily and cognitive functions, with the passage of time, humans’ ability to regenerate cells begins to slow. Thus, skin cells that have died are not shed as rapidly as they once were. Fresh, young cells are therefore unable to come to the surface as quickly, making for a dull, unattractive appearance. Clogging of pores is another unpleasant side effect of dead cell buildup, potentially leading to unwanted acne.

A thorough exfoliation of the skin permitsĀ exfoliation process for face and how they can be eliminated, making way for new cells beneath to rise to the surface. Moisturizers can then work much more effectively, getting into the skin much more easily. The outcome is skin that glows and has a healthy, bright look that everyone desires.

Beneficial exfoliation can be accomplished in a number of different ways. The right method will depend in large part on the type of skin at issue. Those with acne or extreme skin sensitivity may want to use products formulated for those concerns.

Healthier Skin

Manual skin exfoliation is typically performed weekly, while the use of chemical exfoliants tends to be done only on an occasional basis. Those planning to use a scrub for the purpose of exfoliating will want to purchase something made with rounded granules, not sharp or jagged ones that may harm the skin’s surface.

Chemical products may include hydroxy acids or enzymes derived from fruits. The key is to carefully assess what type of skin needs to be exfoliated and select products accordingly. Over-exfoliation can do more harm than good, so it is necessary to find just the right products for the job.

Those hoping to achieve a luminous, healthy appearance need to dedicate themselves to regular exfoliation of the skin. By heeding the information outlined above, the task need not be difficult.

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