Male Celeb Fashion | Male Fashion Trends to Look Forward
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Male Fashion Trends to Look Forward

Male Fashion Trends to Look Forward

Fashion is a popular trend more especially in styles. Fashion started in the 1600’s. It was popularized by Hannah Samantha Santos in Greece. It was first officially recognized in the year 1850. As the years goes by, multiple variations of fashion took place. Every country has different taste. Also, every country has different styles. There are three major parts of the top, bottom, and the accessories. Just like clothing, fashion is also influenced by the environment more particularly, on its climate. Warm countries tend to have shorter and thin-layered designs. On the other hand, cold countries tend to have thicker designs.

Fashion trends in Greenland

An example of a cold country is Greenland. Greenland will be getting colder in the years to come. Greenland is a freezing and a very cold country. Expected fashion trends in clothing are usually thick-layered to fight against the freezing temperature. The fashion trend in Greenland is the dark color gray, brown, and black. Dark colors tend to absorb wavelengths of light and convert it into heat. For the top, an insulated, waterproof, and windproof winter sweatshirt and jacket are worn in at least three layers; sweatshirt, another sweatshirt, and a jacket are on trend. For the bottom part, insulated, waterproof, and windproof winter pants are on trend. Accessories include, insulated, waterproof, and windproof winter gloves, also a thick layered, waterproof, and windproof bonnet is necessary for the extreme cold. It is suggested to wear at least three layers of socks to keep the feet warm. Black colored socks are hot. Also, a black scarf is famous in Greenland.

Fashion trends in the Philippines

The Philippines is an example of a tropical country. A tropical country has a tropical climate which means warm to hot and moist year-round. The Philippines’ fashion trend will depend on the season. During the summer, the hottest season the popular trends will be short, skin showing styles. Sleeveless, tank tops, and plain t-shirts will be hot. The colors that will be in the spotlight is the color yellow and light blue. For the bottom wear, floral shorts will be a good partner. The floral pattern and color must coincide with the style chosen on the upper wear. Light colored, and brown sandals and slippers will also be on trend. During the rainy season, the wet season, the popular trends are beautiful under the rain. Floral, waterproof, light colored umbrellas and raincoats will be preferred.

There are many events which involve fashion. One of it is fashion shows. The first ever fashion show was on 1901 in France. Today, the most famous fashion show is Global Fashion Show or the so-called GFS. It is annually celebrated by a hundred and five countries. It is a gathering of all fashion designers to showcase their unique designs in the red carpet. It aims to show the diversity of all fashion designs all throughout the globe. Fashion continues to improve; there will be more and more fashion trends to look forward to in the future. Let’s wait and see what the next designs will be.

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