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Save Big With Online Jewelry Purchases!

Save Big With Online Jewelry Purchases!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or statement piece, the Elizabeth Diamond Company can help! Offering classic designs and recognized designers, the company is dedicated to top-notch service and satisfied clients. All of the jewelry stores offered features fine workmanship and jewelry trends found throughout America and Europe. Though established in 2001, EDC has helped thousands of customers find jewelry gifts well under their budgets.

Choose The Right Quality

You’ll recognize that quality craftsmanship almost always comes at a hefty price, but EDC recognizes that quality should be the foundation for all types of jewelry regardless of the price tag. You’ll discover that there are plenty of jewelry designs to choose from well under $500, and if you’re looking to get the ring of your dreams well below your budget, the Elizabeth Diamond Company is your number one choice.

Although you’ll find that the selection of pre-existing designs available is vast, you can expand your horizons by opting for a truly custom-designed piece. You may have something simple or interesting in mind and EDC can help bring it to life! All you need to do is make contact and schedule an appointment to create the custom design of your dreams and make your vision jump off the page.

How EDC Can Help

EDC can also help put money in your wallet to put towards jewelry that you will actually wear! Whether you’ve inherited some costume pieces or you have fashion jewelry cluttering up your jewelry box, EDC is willing to purchase your unused and unwanted jewelry. This includes gold, platinum, gemstones, and even timepieces! Instead of heading off to a nearby pawnshop where you’re likely to get a fraction of its actual worth, EDC only offers a fair price for your pieces.

If you’re ready to buy or sell jewelry at a fair price, the Elizabeth Diamond Company: Dayton, Troy Jewelers should be your go-to choice!

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