Male Celeb Fashion | Shaving Tips – Can You Get A Clean Shave With A Trimmer?
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Shaving Tips – Can You Get A Clean Shave With A Trimmer?

Shaving Tips – Can You Get A Clean Shave With A Trimmer?

While it’s widely known that the best shaves possibly come from traditional razors, many guys these days make due with electric best beard trimmers alone. In most cases, that’s honestly more than enough. That’s especially true if you want to merely keep your facial hair trimmed neatly while maintaining your beard full time.

Get A Clean Shave With Trimmer

What if you want to get a completely clean shave however? Can you get a clean shave with corded face trimmer? If you need to shave for work or a special occasion and that’s all you have on hand, it’s important to know if it’s actually a viable option.

If you really don’t have anything else to shave with and you’re not in the position to go and get anything else, you can make a clean shave work well enough with a trimmer. It’s just going to take some time. You’ll need to make sure you use plenty of lotion, gel, or oil beforehand, as well as aftershave. You have to use the trimmer very carefully as well. If you take your time, you’ll get better results.

Taking The Hair Off

You should also consider taking the majority of the hair off with a pair of scissors first. If you trim most of the larger clumps of hair away, it’s going to be easier to use the trimmer to tidy up the rest. Again, just be sure to use your pre shave gel even before taking out the scissors.

For the best results however, make sure you have a more well rounded razor meant for shaving the entirety of your Beard Care rather than merely trimming it. There are a wealth of affordable options on the market, as well as accessory kits with adjustable guards and extensions. Ideally, every guy should have some scissors, a trimmer, and a fully equipped razor as well.

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