Male Celeb Fashion | Went Shopping In Dayton Ohio With My Friends For Black Friday
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Went Shopping In Dayton Ohio With My Friends For Black Friday

Went Shopping In Dayton Ohio With My Friends For Black Friday

My friends and I have made it a tradition over the years to go Black Friday shopping. Usually we stay close to home when we go shopping, but this year we decided to do something different. We started looking at ads for Black Friday and found some really great sales at stores that are in Dayton, Ohio.

Stores In Dayton

I told my friends about the stores I had seen in Dayton, Ohio that were having the sales. Usually we got to Walmart and other places like that, but since these stores were in Dayton and there was also a Walmart, we decided on going there.

We talked about the sales and which stores we wanted to hit up first. We also talked about staying the night there and also shopping on Saturday too. We planned our shopping route so we could get the best deals possible.

After we had our Thanksgiving dinner with our families, we headed out to start shopping. Dayton, Ohio was just a short drive from where we lived, so we didn’t need to plan that out much. However, we did look at hotels that we could stay at so we could avoid the drive back the same night and get more shopping done. The cost of the hotel we found was minimal since we were going to split it between four of us.

Get The best Deals

We headed out as we planned and shopped at the stores we had lined up. We each had something different at these stores that we wanted to buy and each one of us was able to get the deal that we wanted on the things we were interested in getting. I got a great deal on a TV for my husband and my friends got various deals on several different things.

After we were done shopping, we were so glad we booked a hotel room for the night. None of us wanted to drive back home because we were so exhausted from shopping and dealing with crowds of people shopping. We had a great time though and we always do when we go Black Friday shopping. I am glad we made it a tradition among us. I am also happy that we decided to go to Dayton, Ohio for our shopping trip. It was well worth the drive and we got to shop in different stores. For more details click here at

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